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For biological organisms, the development of techniques for the systematic breaking of chemical bonds provides an early first step towards advanced technology. Many human cultures have had stories about how our species came to use and control fire. Chemical engineering can be viewed as a precursor science for nanotechnology. The nanotechnology of nanites is a fundamental aspect of stories that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe.

Th Encyclopedia of Future Technology and Science describes how the Huaoshy were able to extend their understanding of matter past the elementary particles and fundamental forces in the Standard Model. The elementary particles of the Standard Model are shown in the lower left hand corner of the following diagram:

While spreading through galaxies the Huaoshy have observed that thousands of years typically pass between the controlled use of fire and development of the technology that is needed to start to harness nuclear energy. Similarly, there is typically a long delay between the recognition of nuclear forces and an understanding of how hierions and sedrons extend the forms of matter beyond what is possible only taking into account the Standard Model. Normally, hierions and sedrons are only found in spaces formed by compactified dimensions, but the Huaoshy found ways to move hierions and sedrons into the extended three dimensional space of human experience.

The Huaoshy were particularly interested in using hierions for faster-than-light communications, but achieving that goal required a difficult dimensional engineering project. An important side-benefit of hierion science was discovery of what is often called “M-hierions”:

The M-hierions are able to form stable hierion-hierion bonds that are conceptually similar to chemical bonds but the bond lengths are much smaller for hierions. The Huaoshy were able to start incorporating hierionic matter into their nanites, leading to great enhancements in their functionality.

Similarly, the “array sedrons” can form a third family of stable structures. The bond lengths in sedronic matter are only a few orders of magnitude larger than the Planck length. The ultrasmall sedronic structures are used by the Huaoshy to endow their nanites with essentially inexhaustible information storage and processing capacity.

It took the Huaoshy about 250,000 years to fully develop a complete understanding of physics. During that time, what we know as the “Huaoshy” was constructed as an artificial lifeform. Among Genesaunts there is uncertainty about the fate of the biological organisms that constructed the Huaoshy. Some speculate that those biologicals continue to exist in the Huaoshy home galaxy. Others suspect that the Huaoshy exterminated their biological creators.

The Exodemic Fictional Universe includes stories that assume the existence of an ancient technologically advanced lifeform. Some science fiction stories that are set in Exodemic Fictional Universe include:


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